harriet bishop

Analogue Cities: Atlas GIF

Analogue Cities is a project about preserving and celebrating the content saved from archived GeoCities pages. Launched in 1994, GeoCities was a web-hosting service that allowed anyone to upload and design their own webpages, which resulted in 38 million pages of highly personalised content. In 2009 GeoCities was shut down and those 38 million pages immediately deleted. Although digital archives of the site exist, the deletion of GeoCities raises the issue that digital content is temporal and transient.

Thus, Analogue Cities explores GeoCities in an analogue format; a format that cannot be deleted so easily. The collection of work aims to offer an insight to these often humorous and colourful designs. Analogue Cities is about the ugly, the unrefined and the bold.

For this part of the project I scaled up an originally tiny GeoCities GIF to A1 size and coloured it in pixel by pixel onto graph paper. This further serparated the GIF from its reliance on digital technology. The scale was 4 squares on the graph paper to a pixel. It was a very time consuming exercise that highlights the permanency and the original craft of the image.